Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Member Achievements

Members of Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming are recognized for their achievements by many organizations.  Some of these are for involvement with artistic swimming but not all. 

Canada Artistic Swimming Awards

Many Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming members have been honoured by Canada Artistic Swimming. For a full list of awards, click here.

Sask Sport Awards

Sask Sport recognizes and honours athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers annually.  Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming members received many awards over the years.  For a full list of awards, click here.

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame Inductees

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame was established to honour outstanding Saskatchewan athletes, championship teams and sport builders. Four Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming members have been inducted into the Saskatchewan Sport Hall of Fame.

Sadie Caulder Knight    Sandra Roberts 1992     Diane Lemon 1996    Marnie Eistetter 2009

Regina Sports Hall of Fame


Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming is pleased to announce that Marnie Eistetter was accepted for induction to the Class of 2013 with the Regina Sports Hall of Fame. The RSHF’s 11th annual induction ceremony was held on October 10, 2013 at Queensbury Centre at Evraz Place.

Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming nominated Marnie for this induction in category of BUILDER for the sport of SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING.

On behalf of the Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming’s members, we extend to Marnie our sincere congratulations for this very prestigious and worthy induction!! As you continue to contribute to Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming in any way you can, it is nice to also witness you being duly recognized for all those many hours you gave to this wonderful sport.