Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming would like to thank you for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times together. Our focus is to ensure we do our best to provide athletes, coaches, officials, and members with a positive experience.


For more information about the SAS COVID-19 response, please contact the SAS COVID-19 Coordinator


As of July 11th,  2021, the Province of Saskatchewan has removed all Return to Sport guidelines and mandates. As a result, clubs should contact their individual pools and municipalities for more information on what is required of them based on their home pools rules and regulations. Clubs should continue to keep the safety of their athletes and coach a top priority and do what they feel necessary to maintain the safety of their members. 


Consider these points from the Government of Saskatchewan when planning for your next season:



Although masking will no longer be required under the public health order, some people may still wish to wear masks based on their own risk assessment and comfort level depending on the circumstances. Masking requirements may also still be in effect in certain workplaces at the discretion of owners or operators.



If you are organizing a larger gathering or event for later in the summer, there are some guidelines to assist in planning.

Although physical distancing will no longer be required, consider spacing and separation for those attending through messaging or crowd control barriers. All washrooms and commonly touched surfaces should continue to receive enhanced cleaning and disinfection. Employees and volunteers should be aware of public health prevention practices, such as proper sanitization, guest interaction etiquette and emergency response protocol.


** Please note that restrictions and regulations can be re-assessed and mandated by the Government of Saskatchewan and/or your local municipalities at any time, based on pandemic responses from local and provincial health officials.


Athlete Code of Conduct

Click here to read the Athlete COVID-19 Code of Conduct. Must be completed as part of the 2020-2021 Registration by: 

  • All Athletes 18 and over
  • Parent/guardian of all Athletes under 18
  • All Athletes 13-17 and their parent/guardian 


Coach/Official/Volunteer Code of Conduct

Click here to read the Coach/Official/Volunteer COVID-19 Code of Conduct. Must be completed as part of the 2020-2021 Registration by: 

  • All Coaches, Officials and Volunteers 18 and over
  • Parent/guardian of all Coaches, Officials and Volunteers under 18
  • All Coaches, Officials and Volunteers13-17 and their parent/guardian 


Declaration of Compliance

Click here to read the COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance. Must be completed as part of the 2020-2021 Registration by: 

  • All members 18 and over
  • Parent/guardian of all members under 18
  • All members 13-17 and their parent/guardian 13 and over



Click here to read the Club Return to Artistic Swimming Sanction Request Form. Must be completed by each club prior to the resumption of any in-person artistic swimming activity. Send it via email to the SAS COVID-19 Coordinator when complete.