Competitions Committee

Chair: Carol Chernishenko

Mandate: To coordinate all competitions sanctioned by Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming.



  • To provide effective development of competition volunteers.
  • To provide support to the clubs hosting competitions.
  • To provide athletes with a competition environment that meets national and provincial standards.
  • To host financially viable competitions that meet the national and provincial standards.


The Competitions Committee is composed of the following:

  • Competitions Committee Chair
  • Scoring Coordinator
  • At least one representative from each host club

Committee Responsibilities

  • Create the annual competition schedule and determine appropriate hosting sites for each competition through consultation with Club Representatives.
  • Ensure all competitions are conducted according to Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming rules.
  • Maintain and update the Meet Management Guide (MMG) annually.
  • Maintain and update the Major Event Guide (MEG) as needed.
  • Provide support to the Host Club for each meet.
  • Execute the duties assigned in the MMG for each meet.
  • Submit a written report for the AGM to summarize the activities of the Committee for the year.

Scoring Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Obtain computer scorers for each meet.
  • Provide training for computer scorers.
  • Provide training for meet scorekeepers.
  • Liaison with Canada Artistic Swimming regarding the computer scoring program.