Finance Committee

Chair:  Amy Wood, VP Finance

Members: Executive Committee

Mandate: To maintain an efficient, effective organization that is transparent and fiscally responsible.



  • To be fiscally accountable to its members and partners.


  • Chair the Finance Committee.
  • Develop along with the Executive Director the annual budget of the Association.
  • Review monthly and/or quarterly financial reports.
  • Ensure all grant follow-ups and submissions are completed.
  • Annually review, establish, update, and revise/amend the financial policies.
  • Determine annual membership categories and fees and to identify appropriate membership services.
  • Identify fund-raising and self-help requirements.
  • Ensure effective handling of all monies belonging to the Association.
  • Ensure the proper authorization of all expenditures and to oversee the keeping of full and accurate accounting records of all financial matters.
  • Arrange for an annual audit of the financial operations of the organization and report results to the Board.
  • Prepare a written report to the AGM to summarize the activities of the Committee for the year.
  • Be one of the signing officers of the Association.