High Performance Committee

Chair: Katie Willie

Mandate: To promote, encourage, and support the development and delivery of programs for High Performance Athletes.


Short Term Goals

  • Place four routines (provincial or club) in top ten at 2021 Open Nationals.
  • Have a minimum of one designated High Performance Coach participate in the National Team Training Program as a coach, apprentice, or observer (annually).
  • Early Identification and training support of talented athletes and their coaches.
  • Increase numbers in our competitive programs (10 and under,12 and under).


Long Term Goals

  • Place a minimum of one athlete on a National Team in 2019-2023.
  • Medal in one event and top four placing in two events at Canada Summer Games in 2025.
  • Increase numbers in our Competitive National programs (Full team of eight swimmers in each national program club).

Committee Responsibilities

  • Design, develop and deliver High Performance funded programs for elite artistic swimmers in the province.
  • Develop an annual budget for the High Performance Program for submission to the Finance Committee.
  • Support coaching development opportunities for coaches interested in or coaching National Stream Athletes.
  • Provide additional training opportunities for identified High Performance Excellence Athletes and also for High Performance Development Athletes.
  • Improve the standing of Saskatchewan athletes at Nationals and Canada Games.
  • Provide support for athletes vying for spots on Canadian National Teams.
  • Recruit and mentor coaching staff for the next Canada Games
  • Provides athletes' assistance to identified High Performance Excellence Athletes.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for officials who judge at Divisional and National Championships and for those officials working toward that level.
  • Integrate Canada Sport 4 Life into the High Performance Programs.
  • Coordinate the development of the content of High Performance portion of annual submission in consultation with the Executive Director.
  • Ensure completion of all necessary follow-up reports in cooperation with the Executive Director and High Performance Director.
  • Prepare and monitor the High Performance portion of the annual budget and work with the Vice President Finance and Administration to develop policies and procedures related to administration of funds.
  • Establish appropriate selection criteria and procedures for athlete/coach involvement in High Performance programs.
  • Prepare a written report for the AGM to summarize the activities of the committee for the year.