All individuals who participate in artistic swimming activities in Saskatchewan must register with Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming (SAS). This includes athletes, coaches, officials, club Board Members, parent volunteers, SAS Board and Committee Members. A parent/guardian completes the registration on behalf of a participant who is under 18. 


** NEW for 2020-2021 ** Members who are 13-17 years old must complete some forms separately in addition to this online form completed by their parent/guardian. Keep an eye out for the reminders on the Waiver and Code of Conduct pages. 


Registration involves multiple steps. Please ensure you have your Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) registration number BEFORE you start your registration. Contact your club registrar if you need it. 


  1. Determine who you are your completing the form for - yourself or a minor under 18. Ensure all answers relate to the right person.  

When registering a minor

  • Enter YOUR name and email then enter THEIR CAS number.
  • Under Member, select "as a parent/guardian of the minor named below" and enter THEIR name on the line below.
  • On the Waiver 18+ page, select "N/A Under 18" as the answer to all questions.
  1. Identify all roles of the participant. Some roles require an additional registration step. 
  2. Complete the Privacy Policy acknowledgement.
  3. Complete the SAS Code of Conduct. 
  4. Complete the appropriate Release of Liability, Waiver or Claims and Indemnity Agreement - select 18 and Over or Minor depending on the age. Members 13-17 also complete a separate document - look for the link.   
  5. Complete the Voluntary Self Identification section - optional.
  6. Complete the Media Consent. 
  7. Complete the COVID-19 forms. All participants complete the Declaration of Compliance plus one or both of the COVID-19 Code of Conduct forms depending on the roles identified in step 2. Participants who are 13-17 must also complete a separate document. Look for the link.  
  8. Submit the form. No e-signature is required.


Please be patient while waiting for the form to submit. It is a considerable amount of data so there might be a pause before the upload completes. Do not click reload. You will receive a confirmation stating the registration has been done.  


Some members may also need to complete the SAS Conflict of Interest Declaration or a Screening form. "Screening" is the term for Police Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks. The requirement varies by role. Check the first page of the registration form to see if you need to fill out either one.  


Should your information change after you submit the registration, contact the SAS Executive Director by email or phone 306-780-9227 with the updates. 



Click this link to start registering! 


Forms for Members Ages 13-17

The parent/guardian may complete the form. The minor AND parent/guardian must sign each document.


All forms are editable PDFs. Fill out the form online, save then email to the SAS Executive Director. Alternatively, print the file, fill it out by hand, scan then email to the SAS Executive Director


Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Indemnity Agreement (under 18) 

COVID-19 Athlete Code of Conduct

COVID-19 Coach/Official/Volunteer Code of Conduct

COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance