Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Releases Return to Sport Documents

Read the Documents here

SAS has prepared and released our Return to Sport documents with respect to COVID-19 restrictions for the upcoming season.  It is important that all older athletes, parents, coaches volunteers and officials read through this document to keep yourselves informed of the changes and/or recommendations made by SAS.  The health and safety of our athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers remain our top priority and these documents were carefully put together with that in mind.  


COVID 19 Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Return to Sport Guidelines 2020


Remember that these documents are subject to change if Government restrictions are lifted/added or if SAS sees a need to make any changes for safety reasons.  SAS will keep you informed of any changes. 

Thank you to Shaelynn Thiessen, Kathleen Reynolds, Laurie Wachs and Lenore Lindquist for putting these documents together.  It was not an easy task!   If you have any questions regarding any information within the documents, please contact Shaelynn Thiessen at