Artistic Swimming is...

DANCING IN THE WATER!!!! It combines athlete ability with artistry as athletes perform their routines to music. Athletes and aspiring athletes of any age and ability can experience the joy of artistic swimming.


Recreational athletes learn the fundamentals of artistic swimming through the Canada Artistic Swimming Star Program. Basic figures and swimming skills are taught. Recreation swimmers have the opportunity to put their new skills together in a routine swum to music.


Competitive athletes hone their artistic swimming skills learning more complex figures, improving their swimming, flexibility, strength and fitness. 

Swimmers compete individually in figures. A figure is a 'combination of basic body positions and transitions' - FINA Artistic Swimming Manual 2017-2021. As each swimmer completes a figure in front of the judges' panel, the judges evaluate design and control elements. Click here for more information.

Routines are swum to different lengths of music. There are four types of routines - team, duet, solo and combo. Most swimmers compete in team but some also compete in duet or solo. Combo is a combination of team, solo, duet and even trio sections in one routine. All routines are judges in accordance to FINA standards. Routines are evaluated on Execution, Artistic Impression and Difficulty. Executive and Difficulty are each worth 30% of the final mark. Artistic Impression is worth 40%. Click here for more information.

Saskatchewan offers many locations for artistic swimming through local clubs. The clubs hold artistic swimming water shows during the year. Clubs and Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming co-host competitions annually to allow athletes to demonstrate their abilities in front of judges, family and friends.