Volunteer Opportunities

So many ways to get involved with artistic swimming!  Read below to find out how you can get involved or check out this very informative VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES PRESENTATION!

Coaching: If you are a water lover or want to learn to coach, our sport is for you. Contact our Technical Director.

Competitions: Every competition needs on-deck volunteers. The Meet Manager and Volunteer Coordinator organize the competition. Figure events need Panel Referees, Assistant Referees and Scorers. Routine events need Timers, Music Coordinator, Videographer and Runners. Descriptions are listed below. We also need an Awards Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator and Computer Scorer. Contact our Technical Director.

Judging: You don't have to be a former artistic swimmer or coach to judge. Parents or anyone interested in the sport can learn to judge. Training on all aspects is provided through classroom sessions and practice judging at competitions. After certification, judges continue training to ensure their knowledge keeps pace with changes in the sport. Contact our Technical Director.

Committees: If you want to volunteer your time working on a committee, many opportunities are available. Check out the list of Committees or contact our Executive Director.  

Board of Directors: We may also have Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Board positions available as well. For more information on these opportunities please call or email our Executive Director.


Many volunteers are needed to run a successful competition.  Some volunteers have tasks well before meet but most are needed at the meet.


Host Club Volunteers

  • Meet Manager works with Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming to organize the meet prior to the event. The Meet Manager is present during the meet.
  • Volunteer Coordinator arranges for volunteers for the meet. The number of volunteers needed is determined by the meet schedule.
  • Awards Coordinator prepares, organizes, sorts and applies labels to medals and ribbons prior to the meet. During the meet, the Awards Coordinator receives the approved results and organizes awards to present at ceremonies during the competition.
  • Hospitality Coordinator arranges hospitality for meet officials.


Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Volunteers

  • Technical Director  is co-Meet Manager to work with the Host Club Meet Manager to organize the meet prior to the event.
  • Chief Referee and Judges are assigned by the Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Officials Chair.
  • Chief/Computer Scorer is assigned by the Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming Competitions Chair.


Volunteers for Figures

Each judges’ panel for figures requires one Panel Referee, one Marshall and three Scorekeepers. That’s five people. Competitions run with one to four panels depending on the registrations. 

  • Panel Referee – Announces the start of the event then announces each competitor. Before the competitor swims, the Panel Referee announces the competitor number. After the competitor swims, the Panel Referee announces the judges’ marks. 
  • Marshalls  – Ensures the swimmers are in the correct order according to the draw.              
  • Scorekeepers – Record all judges’ marks as they are read out by the Panel Referee.   


Volunteers for Routines

Routines have a different set of volunteers. Each routine event requires one Announcer, one Music Coordinator, one Video Recorder, two Timers and a number of runners.  


  • Announcer – Announces everything including name of event, judges, referees and officials for the event, competitors, judges’ marks and other announcements as needed.          
  • Music Coordinator – Checks the sound system prior to the start of the events then plays the music for all routines.           
  • Video Recorder – records all routine events.  The routine may be reviewed if there is a penalty situation.          
  • Timers – Record three different times to ensure time requirements are met.  Timers record walk-on time, deck time and music time.          
  • Runners – Runners sit next to the judges and take the judges chit with the written mark to the computer scoring table as soon as the chit is completed after the competitor swims.