Registration for the 2021-2022 season has begun! You must be a past registrant of Canada Artistic Swimming and in the database in order to log in to the CAS Online Registration System. If you have never been a registrant in the past then your club registrar (or the SAS office for all officials) must first enter you so as to provide you with a CAS#. If you don’t know if you were registered in the past, contact the registrar or SAS office to confirm. 


For this season, you will be able to complete all mandatory SAS and CAS forms on the CAS website.  


Athletes and/or Parents/Guardians: must wait for further instructions from your club registrar before you can begin the registration process. 


Coaches and Officials: Once you have your CAS#, click here OR go to the CAS website and choose ‘Online Registration’ from the left menu.  Follow the registration instructions attached to the email from the Executive Director dated August 28, 2021.