Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming would like to thank you for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times together. Our focus is to ensure we do our best to provide athletes, coaches, officials, and members with a positive experience.




For more information about the SAS COVID-19 response, please contact Shaelynn Thiessen or Kathleen Reynolds.


As of January 11, 2022:

As the COVID situation in our province is evolving once again, it is time to provide our membership with an update. At this time it makes the most sense to following the school isolation guidelines based on our age group of athletes. 


If a fully vaccinated member (both doses + 14 days) is in close contact with someone that tests positive with COVID-19 (self-test or PCR) and are asymptomatic, as well as test negative they do not have to isolate and should monitor for up to 10 days from exposure. If the member begins to develop symptoms but tests negative, they should isolate for 48 hours or until symptoms resolve. If the member is fully vaccinated and tests positive, they should isolate for 5 days. If an unvaccinated member is in close contact with someone that tests positive with COVID-19 (self test of PCR), they may not attend artistic swimming for 10 days regardless of if the close contact was symptomatic or not.


I was asked if athletes must mask for an additional 5 days after coming back from testing positive. As we do mask on land, but not in the water, it was a confusing question. This would mean athletes would have to stay on land for an additional 5 days. The official answer is no, athletes do not need to stay on land for an additional 5 days when coming back after having COVID. However, if an individual club would like to take this added precaution, it is at each clubs’ discretion. 


At this time, it is recommended that participants are testing themselves regularly with at home tests if you have access, and informing the coaches and club contacts when positive COVID cases are detected.  Please continue to follow all the guidelines of your local governments and leisure centres.


As of October 27, 2021:

City of Regina -  Effective Monday, November 1, 2021, proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result will be required for anyone over the age of 12 to access Lawson Aquatic Centre. All patrons 12 and over accessing indoor City of Regina facilities will be subject to a proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test requirement. Only those individuals who are fully vaccinated or who can provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours will be allowed to enter the facility. Residents under the age of 12, who are currently unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, will be exempt from the proof of vaccination requirement including the alternative of a negative test. 


City of Weyburn -  The City will broaden their policy of asking for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to all facilities, with a few small exceptions, to take effect on Monday, November 8. A photo ID is required as well, and for youth aged 12 to 17, they will need to show ID unless accompanied by an adult who has proof of vaccination and an ID. If youth are without an adult, they can present other forms of government-issued ID.  Please visit the City of Weyburn website for more details.


As of October 22, 2021:

SAS Board of Directors has approved an SAS COVID-19 Vaccination Policy that comes into effect on November 15, 2021.  Read the Policy here.  If you have questions about the Policy, contact Shaelynn Thiessen or Kathleen Reynolds.


As of October 12, 2021:

Beginning on Friday, October 15, 2021, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or negative test within 72 hours is now mandatory for ages 12 and over to access City of Saskatoon leisure centres.  This will affect all of our competitions being held in Saskatoon.  Plan accordingly if you are attending any of those competitions as an athlete, coach, volunteer, official or parent.


As of October 4, 2021:

Masking is still required when you are not participating in the sport itself (ex: walking from the pool to the change rooms). Close contacts are now defined as unvaccinated persons who have been exposed - asymptomatic or symptomatic.  As a close contact, you must isolate for 14 days. If you are double vaccinated and exposed to someone with COVID-19, you can continue with normal daily life as long as you are asymptomatic and monitor for symptoms. If you are double vaccinated and have no symptoms, you are not considered close contact.


At this time, all recreational sports (artistic swimming fall into this category regardless of whether you are 12-17 or 18+) do not need to show proof of vaccination unless your training facility requires it.


SAS is currently putting together a task force to discuss a vaccine mandate for our sport.


As of September 17, 2021:


Effective Immediately, all athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers MUST wear masks when entering, exiting and while inside all facilities and ONLY athletes 18 and under may remove masks when ‘actively participating in the sport’ whether on dryland or in the pool. Otherwise, athletes are to wear their masks at all times. Athletes 18 and older must wear their masks while ‘actively participating in sport’ on land unless a mandatory vaccine or negative COVID-19 test policy is in place either by your club, SAS or the facility (Note: SAS does not have a proof of vaccine policy at this time).


If a facility or municipality implements additional protocols of their own, those persons using that facility must abide by those additional requirements.


Vaccination Requirements:

Update: The City of Regina has mandated vaccinations for those over the age of 12 for all city run facilities as of November 15.  (The date was changed from September 20 as previously stated). However, this date could change again if the October 1st deadline now applies, and we will be keeping a close eye on it. The City of Saskatoon plans to “explore the impact to civic facilities, programs and services once full details of the proof of vaccination system and technology are shared by the province.” 


With respect to the October 1 requirement to show proof of vaccination or negative test for public access; this may affect all of our competitions and events that take place in Regina and Saskatoon. Please take this into consideration when planning to attend events this season. We will provide more definite details as everything enfolds over the next couple weeks.


Vaccination Policy:

Please contact your own facilities or municipalities regarding additional vaccination requirements for your clubs and please let SAS know if any of them are implementing a vaccination policy.


As of September 15, 2021:

Kathleen and Shaelynn have been meeting regularly with CAS and Sask Sport for the past 2-3 weeks regarding COVID. CAS has chosen to allow each province to set their own COVID protocols and will abide by whatever exists within a province in which a CAS event is being hosted (this could be mandates from the provincial government or a facility or by a PTSO).   Our provincial government has not made a decision yet regarding mandatory vaccinations.  We suspect that they will leave that up to each sport organization.  For example, Curling Saskatchewan has mandated vaccines for all participants.  SAS will be meeting with other sport organizations within the province to discuss and will provide more information after that meeting.


As you all know, only the City of Regina has mandated vaccinations for those over the age of 12 for all city run facilities as of November 15 (changed from Sept 20 previously announced).  No other facilities in the province have set this standard that we are aware of. Our other events are still questionable as far as mandated vaccines are concerned.  The City of Saskatoon currently requires masks in all of their civic run facilities.


SAS will be providing regular updated to our members regarding COVID protocols by email.


As of September 2, 2021:

The City of Regina: On Sept. 4, mask use will once again be mandatory at indoor City of Regina buildings and on Regina Transit. Regina is working toward requiring proof of vaccination for employees.  The city is also working toward requiring proof of vaccination from all members of the public who access indoor city facilities by Sept. 20. Those unable to be vaccinated will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test. If you are under the age of 12, you will not be required to provide proof of vaccination or to provide a negative COVID-19 test.  THIS WILL IMPACT ALL COMPETITIONS TAKING PLACE IN REGINA.  ALL CLUBS, OFFICIALS, VOLUNTEERS AND SPECTATORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLY IF THIS ORDER REMAINS IN EFFECT FOR OUR COMPETITIONS.


The City of Saskatoon: To protect the health and safety of residents, customers and employees, beginning September 1 masks are required when traveling on Saskatoon Transit and when accessing indoor City-operated facilities and services. City Council approved the action at its meeting Monday, August 30 as an added safety measure to address the increasing spread of COVID-19 in our community. THIS WILL IMPACT ALL COMPETITIONS TAKING PLACE IN SASKATOON.  ALL CLUBS, OFFICIALS, VOLUNTEERS AND SPECTATORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLY IF THIS ORDER REMAINS IN EFFECT FOR OUR COMPETITIONS.


As of July 11,  2021:  

Province of Saskatchewan has removed all Return to Sport guidelines and mandates. As a result, clubs should contact their individual pools and municipalities for more information on what is required of them based on their home pools rules and regulations. Clubs should continue to keep the safety of their athletes and coach a top priority and do what they feel necessary to maintain the safety of their members. 


Consider these points from the Government of Saskatchewan when planning for your next season:



Although masking will no longer be required under the public health order, some people may still wish to wear masks based on their own risk assessment and comfort level depending on the circumstances. Masking requirements may also still be in effect in certain workplaces at the discretion of owners or operators.



If you are organizing a larger gathering or event for later in the summer, there are some guidelines to assist in planning.

Although physical distancing will no longer be required, consider spacing and separation for those attending through messaging or crowd control barriers. All washrooms and commonly touched surfaces should continue to receive enhanced cleaning and disinfection. Employees and volunteers should be aware of public health prevention practices, such as proper sanitization, guest interaction etiquette and emergency response protocol.


** Please note that restrictions and regulations can be re-assessed and mandated by the Government of Saskatchewan and/or your local municipalities at any time, based on pandemic responses from local and provincial health officials.