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Retirement from National Stream Judging

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the retirement of two long time SAS judges from national stream judging after this season comes to an end. Pat Taylor and Pat Cooley have been a part of our SAS community for many years and their contributions to our sport within our province and beyond cannot be measured.


We are proud of your accomplishments and thank you for the hard work, time and mentoring that you selflessly provide all of us. We look forward to your continued support in provincial judging.


We also acknowledge that many of us will never know the extent of the contributions you made to our sport nationally and beyond.


Kirsten Brough put together a power point and presented it to Pat and Pat at the judges' meeting after Sandra Roberts Provincial Championship. You can view the presentation here.


Their passion for the sport will continue in this province and with our provincial stream athletes.


Congratulations Pat and Pat! See you at the pool.



Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming provides each judge and referee with a copy of the FINA manual for the quad as well as the SAS annual Rulebook. Each judge also receives an official black judge shirt to wear at competitions. Each referee receives a copy of the FINA Artistic Swimming Rulebook and an official red referee shirt.


The SAS annual Rulebook can also be found here.


The Sask Sport Officials’ Development Website contains current news, resources and tools for Officials including information about the Professional Development Grant Program.